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April, 2010

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1. International events in Nessebar, Bulgaria (June 12-20, 2010)

The organization and preparatory works for the celebration of two international conferences and a seminar arrived to its' final stage:

Digital Earth Summit (June 12-14, 2010): organized under the auspices of the Dean of Faculty of Geodesy, Prof. Dr. Slavejko Gospodinov; Third International Conference on Cartography and GIS (June 15-20, 2010): organized under the auspices of the Rector of University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, Prof. Dr. Dobrin Denev and Seminar on Early Warning and Disaster / Crises Management (with EU cooperation): under the auspices of the Czech Ambassador in Bulgaria, his Excellency Martin Klepetko.

We would like to invite you to participate in all or one of these events, together with over 200 colleagues coming from 35 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Croatia, Egypt, France, FYROM, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey, UK and USA.

Our Commission will have a meeting during the Third International Conference on Cartography and GIS, planned to be held in the afternoon of June 15. This time will be discussed some of the themes also presented in our last meeting in Santiago de Chile, giving specific proposals and solutions for some of them:

- Proposals for changes on the rules of the next Barbara Petchenik Map Competition based on the discussion that Comission members had in our meeting in Santiago de Chile last November.
- Actual situation of the organization of the Biannual Awards on Educational Cartographic Resources (planned for ICC2011 in Paris, France).
- Proposal about themes, structure, etc. of a new book on Educational Cartography (a collection of papers on case studies).
- Future activities and meetings.

2. Updated website

The Commission website has been updated with a table containing the new list of members, keeping also a link to the previous version. Commission Co-Chairs would invite all the colleagues, who receive this newsletter, to visit our website and to revise their personal data. If a colleague finds any mistake, please send the correct data to the Co-Chairs and we will fix it. If a colleague reading this newsletter does not find her/his name on the list of members and is interested to become a full or corresponding member, please also contact us and we will be very pleased to satisfy their interest.

3. ICA Travel Awards for ICC 2011

ICA Executive Committee published the new rules to apply for an ICA Travel Scholarship; which can be downloaded from the CCC website ( and the next address:

We exhort all the colleagues younger than 35 years, who are also citizens of developing countries, to send their applications before 4 October 2010.

4. ICA News 53

The latest issue of ICA News is available in pdf format from ICA website, containing diversed information about the 23th ICC in Santiago de chile, including a detailed report about our meeting and winners of the Barbara Petchenik Competition.

5. Upcoming conferences

- XXIV Congresso Brasileiro de Cartografia and II Congresso Brasileiro de Geoprocessamento (16-20 May, 2010; Aracaju, Brazil). An event organized by the Sociedade Brasileira de Cartografia, counting with a session and round table dedicated to Cartography for Children and Pupils. Detailed information and contacts at

- IGU CGE Symposium (8-10 July, 2010; Istanbul, Turkey): An event organized by the Commission on Geographical Education of the International Geographical Union on the theme of "Cultural Issues of Our Time". The conference website is at

- GeoCart' 2010, ICA Symposium on Cartography for Australasia and Oceania (1-4 September 2010; Auckland, New Zealand): The theme of the conference is "Cartographies of Tomorrow: Mapping in a mashed-up world", the conference website can be found at

- Seventh European GIS Education Seminar, EUGISES (9-12 September, 2010; Serres Greece): A meeting on GIS education in Europe, including themes as best educational practices, harmonisation of (GI) curricula in Europe, geo services, GI education for professionals, GI education for end users, incorporating new technology in GI-teaching, interoperability of teaching materials, quality assurance mechanisms for GI-education, and business models in education. The website of the event is at

If the Commission members have any information about conferences that can be interesting for our colleagues, please send the information for Commission Co-Chairs and we are going to include it in the next newsletter.

6. Possible date for our next newsletter: September, 2010

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