International Cartographic Association
Commission on Cartography and Children


March, 2009

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1. Commission meeting in Prague, January 21, 2009

During the Joint Symposium on Cartography and Geoinformatics for Early Warning and Emergency Management in Prague (Czech Republic) our Commission had the opportunity to meet and to exchange opinions about our work. The meeting was held during the afternoon with the participation of twelve colleagues. Co-Chair Temenoujka Bandrova summed up the activities planned for this year and next future, using a PowerPoint presentation that you can download from the Commission website. A report about the meeting was also written and placed to our website.

In the Symposium our Czech colleague Vit Vozenilek organized an exhibition presenting Czech entries for the national Barbara Petchenik Competition.

2. Barbara Petchenik Competition 2009

The actual Competition was officially announced last year, after ICA General Secretary, David Fairbairn contacted by letter all the ICA member nations asking the national representatives to send the name of the National Coordinator of the competition in their respective countries. The deadline for sending the national winners to the International Coordinators (Peter van der Krogt, Ferjan Ormeling) is the 1st of June.

New rules for the 2009 Barbara Petchenik Competition here...

3. Proposal for a School Atlas Competition

The proposal written by our Past Chairman Patrick Wiegand (about the possible organization of a competition on School Atlases, within the International Map Exhibition organized in ICC conferences) was discussed and approved by the ICA Executive Committee during the meeting in Santiago de Chile last November. In January Commission Co-Chairs had the opportunity to meet David Fraser and Laszlo Zentai (Chair and Vice-chair of the Commission on Education and Training). Fraser expressed the interest of the Commission to be more involved in the organization of this competition, working out in more detail the general guidelines written by Patrick Wiegand and completed by actual Co-Chairs. In the Prague meeting Ferjan Ormeling proposed to detail and discuss the rules of the competition during the 24th ICC in Chile (November, 2009). Considering the shortage of time till November Commission Co-Chairs proposed by email to Secretary-General David Fairbairn to postpone the first competition for the ICC 2011 in Paris.

4. Second Volume of ESRI book on Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition

In 2005 ESRI published the book entitled "Children Map the World: Selections from the Barbara Petchenik Children's World Map Competition". Finishing 2008 ESRI contacted ICA representatives to publish a second volume containing a selection of 100 drawings sent to the Competition in 2005 and 2007. Commission Co-Chairs made a selection of drawings from 37 participant countries from all over the world. The selection was sent to ESRI representatives and at present they are arranging details to begin the making of the book.

5. Upcoming conferences

If the Commission members have any information about conferences that can be interesting for our colleagues, please send the information for Commission Co-Chairs and we are going to include it to the next newsletter.

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