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February, 2005

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1. International Cartographic Conference, A Coruńa, 9-16 July, 2005.

Eighteen oral presentations (in 4 sessions) and 13 poster presentations have been selected for the International Cartographic Conference on the theme of Cartography and Children. This is a really splendid result and all the papers and posters look to be of high quality. It is excellent that we are able to make such an impact at the conference.

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2. Joint ICA Commissions Seminar, Madrid, 6-8 July, 2005.

This seminar is timed to take place immediately prior to the main conference in A Coruńa. The following commissions will participate:

Commission on Education and Training
Commission on Cartography and Children
Commission on National and Regional Atlases
Commission on Maps and the Internet
Commission on Visualization and Virtual Environments

The theme of the seminar will be: Internet-Based Cartographic Teaching and Learning: Atlases, Map Use, and Visual Analytics.

All those wishing to present papers on any of the joint sessions themes (topics from the fields covered by the participant commissions are welcome) are invited to send an abstract with the following information (in English, suggested formats: MS Word DOC or RTF):

Please note the deadlines:

Submission of abstracts: April 1
Notification of authors: April 15
Submission of full papers: May 20

Papers are especially invited on any topic related to Internet Cartography and Children. This will include teaching and learning about maps with the internet, the use of web based atlases and support materials, children's use of cartographic internet resources, analyses of what cartographic materials are available for children, commentaries on what type of map materials are required, etc. This is one area of cartography on which interest is certain to be focused in the next few years and we look forward to a stimulating range of papers and discussion.

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Contact addresses (for the abstracts):

László Zentai
Jesús Reyes
Eötvös Loránd University
Department of Cartography and Geoinformatics
Pázmány Péter sétány 1/a.
Budapest 1117 HUNGARY
Tel: 36 1 372-2975
Fax: 36 1 372-2951

3. Barbara Petchenik Children's Map Competition Book

ESRI are to publish a selection of maps from the last 10 years of the Barbara Petchenik Children's Map Competition. The book is planned to be available at the A Coruńa conference and coincides with a retrospective exhibition of maps from the competition organised by Jeet Atwal from Carleton University, Canada. Carleton University holds the children's competition map archive and these can be seen at:

The book has been edited by Jacqueline M. Anderson, Jeet Atwal, Patrick Wiegand and Alberta Auringer Wood. It contains 100 maps from the competition, by children aged 5-15, a short introduction to the maps and an appreciation of the life and work of Barbara Petchenik. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards a fund set up to promote map education for disadvantaged children. Details of how this fund will be used have not yet been decided - any suggestions are welcome.

4. Conference Papers CD

The ICA Cartography and Children Commission is working on a CD to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its foundation at the 17th ICC conference in Barcelona in 1995. This CD will contain a selection of work presented at different meetings organized by our Commission (initially a working group) in the last decade and it will be presented during the 22nd ICC conference in A Coruńa this year. We also plan to place the contents of this CD also on the Web in the interests of making it more accessible to a wider number of researchers all over the world. We would like to ask all the authors of the selected papers (who have been notified separately) for their collaboration, sending the digital copy and illustrations included in these papers before March 10.

5. Brisbane, 2006.

Following our successful collaboration with the Geography Education Commission of the International Geographical Union (IGU) in Glasgow 2004, we shall again join with them at their Symposium in Brisbane June 27 - July 2, 2006. This symposium immediately precedes the Regional Conference of the IGU which will also be in Brisbane.

6. German school cartography group

Our friend and colleague, Dr Reinhard Herzig from the University of Potsdam, reports on some current activities of the German working group on school cartography. These include:

1. Geographic names in maps for children (endonyma, exonyma). This is a project of Austria/Germany.
2. The level of cartographic knowledges and abilities of students after 12 (13) school years. We made an investigation with help of tests. More than 1000 students of universities (beginners) in Germany had to answer questions about maps and had to interpret a topographic map. At present we prepare a publication about this investigation. [Reinhard suggests that there is potential here for an international investigation in different countries - anyone interested in exploring this possibility can contact him:].

3. GIS at school. We shall elaborate some basic positions, necessities, opportunities and limits. This is an actual topic in Germany because e.g. in the curriculum of the land Baden-Wuerttemberg is written down this fact. But there are no practice at schools, momentary.

7. Website reminder

Keep up to date with Cartography and Children Commission activities via our website:

Thanks, as ever to Jesús Reyes, Commission Vice-Chair, for maintaining the site.

Dr Patrick Wiegand
School of Education
University of Leeds